About Me

Throughout my life, I've been curious about human potential, health and healing. My personal path with therapy began in college, when I was struggling with my relationship to emotions and food. I started seeing a therapist and thought I'd see her a few times and then "be good to go."  Little did I know then that I was just beginning a life-time interest in personal growth. 

After graduating from the University of Delaware in 2001 with a degree in Human Services, I did social work in Philadelphia, PA for several years. I enjoyed my work, but recognized that I continually felt drawn to dive deeper into connection and healing with my clients.

When I decided to pursue a Masters degree in counseling, I knew I wanted to find a program that offered a holistic approach to therapy: honoring the mind, body, and spirit in the path toward healing and life-satisfaction. 

This clarity was the catalyst for my move to beautiful Boulder, Colorado, where I earned a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology in 2008. (I also met my now husband in Boulder!) My passion for working with the complexity and potential of the young adult phase of life lead me to employment at a therapeutic treatment program for emerging adults. In my 9 years there, I worked as a mentor, therapist, clinical supervisor, parent coach, director of program development and director of family services. 

With the diversity of clinical experience, my passion for helping others continued to grow. One foundational aspect of how I work as a therapist that remains steady is that I view my job with reverence; I hold dear the privilege it is to be trusted enough by another person to be let into their pains, struggles, and successes. I am honored to get to walk alongside my clients as they heal, grow, and thrive. 

Now, as a mother of two, I have a private therapy practice in Boulder, CO which allows me to continue pursuing my professional passions as well as maximize my time with my family. 

I feel so grateful for the journey that I'm on and I look forward to our paths crossing, if you decide to take the next step of contacting me.